Fire Rated LED Downlights

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Dimmable, 8w, IP65, Low Glare, Short Can, Fire Rated Downlight
£14.95 (Including tax)
IP65 8w Short Can Fire Rated Dimmable LED Downlight
£14.95 (Including tax)
8w Fire Rated IP65 LED Dimmable Downlight - Polished Chrome
£17.70 (Including tax)
8w Fire Rated IP65 LED Dimmable Downlight - Brushed Chrome
£17.70 (Including tax)
8w Fire Rated IP65 LED Dimmable Downlight - White
£17.70 (Including tax)
Slimline 9w IP65 LED, Colour Adjustable Fire Rated Downlight
£36.00 (Including tax)
IP65 Super Slim Warm White 9w Fire Rated Downlight - Dimmable
£36.00 (Including tax)
12w LED Fire Rated IP65 Downlight - Adjustable Colour
£37.50 (Including tax)
15w Adjustable LED Colour, Fire Rated IP65 Downlight
£45.00 (Including tax)

Recessed downlights are a great stylish option for your room. These fit into a modern design and are the ideal way to make sure that every section of a room is evenly lit. However, if you are using recessed downlighting in your home, you need to make sure that they are fire rated downlights. Or, ideally, fire rated LED downlights.

Fire Rated LED Downlights Explained

When you install recessed LED downlights in a room, you will be cutting a hole in the ceiling. This damages the integrity of the fire rating of the ceiling and can be seen as a fire hazard. To fix this issue, you need to use fire rated LED downlights. These lights have pads on them that swell up once they reach a certain temperature, ensuring that fire cannot spread through the roof.

This is important because if the fire does spread it can damage the structure of the building and cause serious issues. Indeed, it’s possible that fire spreading through the ceiling could cause the ceiling to collapse before you and your family are able to leave.

Typically, fire rated LED downlights have a time rating. This could be 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. The time shows how much extra time the downlight seal will give you to safely exit the building

To ensure that your building is safe, it is imperative that you are using fire rated downlights for recessed downlighting in any room. There is even regulations in place to ensure this happens in residential properties such as tower blocks.

Benefits Of Fire Rated LED Downlights

There are a number of benefits of fire rated LED downlights beyond the safety benefit. Since they are LEDs, these lights use a fraction of the energy compared to typical lights and are far more durable. Indeed, these lights will last for up to 100,000 hours and a brilliant eco-friendly option.

As well as this, the lights come with all the latest modern features. Yes, fire rated LED downlights dimmable features are impressive and arguably the best option on the market. Unlike other bulbs, fire rated LED downlights dimmable bulbs maintain their white colour even when they are dimmed down.

But, the fire rated LED downlights dimmable features are only one reason to choose this type of lighting. Fire rated LED downlights to have brilliant minimalistic, modern designs that will fit in perfectly with any home style. Available in a variety of different colours and shades you can get simple chic cream lights or elegant chrome options.

These lights are also available in a wide range of different wattages and as such can be perfect for a variety of different rooms and light sources. You can even get colour adjustable options that allow you to change the shade of lighting in your room.

If you are interested in purchasing this type of lighting for your home, contact us today, and a helpful member of our team will be happy to assist. Alternatively, we have full specifications, and features for each of the fire rated LED downlights that we sell.

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