Fire Rated Downlights

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Brushed Chrome Fire Rated Downlight
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Polished Chrome Fire Rated Downlight
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White GU10 Fire Rated Downlight
£4.25 (Including tax)
Brass GU10 Fixed Fire Rated Downlight
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Tilt GU10 Brushed Chrome Fire Rated Downlight
£4.75 (Including tax)
Tilt GU10 Polished Chrome Fire Rated Downlight
£4.75 (Including tax)
Fire Rated Downlight - Adjustable In White
£4.75 (Including tax)
Fire Rated Downlight - Adjustable In Brass Finish
£4.75 (Including tax)
Fire Rated Fixed GU10 Downlight Die-Cast with Twist and Lock in Chrome
£5.95 (Including tax)
Die-Cast Fixed White GU10 Fire Rated Downlight with Twist & Lock
£5.95 (Including tax)
Brushed Chrome Twist & Lock Die-Cast Fire Rated Downlight
£5.95 (Including tax)
Square Brushed Chrome Fire Rated GU10 Downlight
£5.99 (Including tax)

If you are completing a home redesign and upgrading your lighting, you might think about adding recessed downlights to your home. For this, you need fire rated downlights. What are fire rated downlights? This is a question that many people ask before they purchase this type of lighting.

What Are Fire Rated Downlights?

If you are choosing recessed downlights for your home, you should always think about using fire rated downlights. The reason for this is purely due to safety. When a hole is cut through a ceiling to put a recessed downlight in, it does create a potential fire hazard. It removes what might have been there before to protect against the spread of a fire such as plaster board ceilings. If you are living in a building where there are people above or below, the ceiling needs to be fire rated.

With fire rated downlights you can make sure that the integrity of the ceiling is kept intact.

If a fire does occur, the hole created by the downlight installation lets fire through with no protection. Once the fire is through this hole, it can impact the structure such as wooden ceiling supports. This means that the fire will spread far more quickly and cause a greater level of damage.

With fire rated downlights, that hole is sealed, and the spread of the fire is greatly reduced. In fact, the latest fire rated downlights have an intumescent pad. Once they reach a certain temperature, they swell to further block the spread of the fire.

What Are Fire Rated Downlights Time Ratings?

When you purchase fire rated downlights, you might notice that they come with time ratings. These could be thirty, sixty or ninety minutes. The rating given shows how much extra time the downlight gives you before the fire continues to spread. A ninety-minute rating is arguably the best and will be particularly useful for the top floor in your home.

What Are The Fire Rated Downlights Regulations

There are a few fire rated downlights regulations to be aware of. Fire safety is part of building regulations and as such a hole cannot be left in the building for a fire to spread through. As well as this, the Electrical Council suggests that fire rated downlights are installed in every ceiling, regardless of the type of buildings. That said, surface mounted downlights do not require a fire rating. It is only necessary for recessed downlights.

How Do I Choose The Right Fire Rated Downlights For My Home?

It’s is important to choose fire rated downlights that fully match the fire rating of the ceiling. Essentially, it needs to maintain a minimum amount of time for fire resistance. All our fire rating downlights have been tested for ninety minutes of protection which is more than enough time to leave a building safely.

If you are using downlights in your property, do make sure they are fire rated. Otherwise, you will be leaving a nasty fire hazard in your home. Not doing so could also mean that your building does not meet modern regulatory standards.

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